Dania & Nader have successfully expanded D&I Company throughout the years by remaining true to their passion for interior design, interior architecture and contracting.

The extensive background in interior architecture and management, along with Dania, Nader & D&I’s unrelenting drive, tenacity, and capacity for taking on difficulties, have all contributed to the company’s growth. 

They truly love working closely with clients, architects, suppliers, and contractors to bring their clients’ visions to life. Because of this, they have a very important and developing network of individuals they work with. They are driven to surround themselves with a solid team because they really believe that teamwork is what makes the dream come true.

They purposefully and meticulously design surroundings and spaces that fulfill the requirements of each project. Every project is well-thought-out and well executed, which guarantees its timely completion

With D&I, there are no limitations on the kinds of environments that can be developed. The Company takes great pride in creating environments that are fit for each client’s lifestyle, whether it be for a residential, business, hospitality, or landscape design project.


We aim to innovate and inspire our clients to create functional and harmonious spaces that enhance their lives and work and go above and beyond their expectations